Cheesemaker’s treasures

This is crème de la crème among cheeses and undoubtedly the best long-ageing cheese in Poland. The Cheesemaker’s Treasures cheeses matches top-rated brands from the Netherlands, Italy or France.

BURSZTYN (AMBER)-Tender cheese with a spicy note. For minimum 6 months, each circle is manually massaged with a selected paste. Its interior is firm and slightly tender, with perceptible crystals.

RUBIN (RUBY)-Farmer’s cheese with a buttery note. The aftertastes of Rubin are clearly buttery; the aroma and the flavour bring a rural farming note, as do the French cheeses.

SZAFIR (SAPPHIRE)-Its creamy interior excellently melts in your mouth while the fresh fruity mango flavour perfectly harmonises with a note of soured milk.