Extra polish butter 200g, 500 g

Butter is the most prized cooking fat because of its delicious flavor and rich, creamy mouth-feel. The natural flavor of butter is irreplaceable! Whether you’re baking a cake or sautéing vegetables, there’s a type of butter to enhance every food. We offer various varieties, flavors and hight quality butter.

It’s a real and traditional butter of the highest quality. It is a natural product of high contents of mineral and vitamin compound necessary for a human body, it has large quantities of, mainly vitamin A, carotenoids, vitamins D and E. MLEKOVITA butter is mainly characterized by excellent spreadability (regardless of the season of the year), homogeneous consistency and colour and taste. It does not contain vegetable fats.

Fresh butter with milk fat content min. 82% produced from the highest quality fresh cream without any vegetable fat Polish butter is perfectly spreadable. It contains very valuable for humans vitamins A, D, E, K, wich build the immunological system up.