Whey permeate powder

Whey Permeate Powder is obtained from liquid whey permeate which was obtained in the process of production whey protein concentrate and that subjected to spry drying process.

Whey Permeate Powder is intended for use in products for the general population and has not undergone a food safety risk assessment to determine its suitability for use in products designed for vulnerable or sensitive groups within the population.

Application. It is a product rich in lactose and mineral so is widely used in the production of biscuits, bread, drinks, sweets, ice cream and other products in the food and feed industry.

A direct packaging of whey permeate powder are multi – layer bags with polyethylene insert, net weight 25 kos and big – bags net weight 1000 kos.

Expiry date of Whey Permeate Powder is not longer than 24 months from production date at temperature not higher than +25°C and maximum relative humidity 75%.

Other requirements:

Whey Permeate Powder does not contain components or additives which include genetically modified organisms (GMO) and does not subjected to ionizing radiation.

Allergens are unacceptable expect of milk (including lactose).