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The Polish Chamber of Milk is the largest organisation of the dairy industry in Poland, established on the initiative of dairy cooperatives, facilities and companies associated with dairying.

It brings together Poland’s largest milk producers and processors and is also a strategic partner of national and EU institutions as well as government agencies working for the development of dairy sector.

We influence the shape of Polish dairying

By providing its members with information, exchanging views, analysing the ongoing changes in dairying on the national and international arena, the Polish Milk Chamber influences the shape of Polish dairy sector. The Polish Milk Chamber is a diversity of activities. It highlights current trends and challenges in the dairy industry, in the context of the rapidly changing sector in Poland and around the world. This is possible because of a continuous monitoring of the market and a direct cooperation with national and EU structures, creating agricultural policy.

The Polish Chamber of Milk is a constant and reliable source of information, including scientific and technical knowledge on topics relating to dairying. The activities that are carried out for the benefit of Polish dairy sector are very broad. They focus, among other things, on intensive lobbying activities and other actions aimed at developing and raising the competitiveness of the Polish dairy industry.

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